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Subsoil Exploration :

For foundation design and construction work, one must know the actual soil stratification at a given site, the laboratory test results of the soil samples obtained from various depths and the observations made during the construction of other structures built under similar conditions.

For most major structures, adequate subsoil exploration at the construction site must be conducted. Therefore we first determine the layers of natural soil deposits that underlie a proposed structure and their physical properties. The procedure we follow are determining the nature of soil at the site and its stratification, Selection of the type and depth of foundation suitable, evaluation of the load-bearing capacity of the foundation, estimation of the probable settlement of a structure, finding the potential foundation problems i.e. the location of water table, depth and nature of bed rock, conducting inside field tests, such as permeability tests, van shear test, and standard penetration test etc.

Our main expertise is soil investigation of bridge site. The activities include preparation of Index plan, preparation of site plan, preparation of cross section and longitudinal section of river bed, collection of hydraulic data, calculation of design discharge and linear waterway, fixation of approximate span of bridge, sub- soil exploration and determination of engineering properties of soil, determination of bearing capacity of soil and submission of report.

Subsoil Exploration