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Dudos | Survey and Data Collection

Survey and Data Collection :

Our ground force comprises of trained and experienced surveyors for high precision survey and location based data collection. We maintains a state of the art precision survey infrastructure that includes ground based reference station for differential GPS surveys, dual frequency GPS receivers capable of RTK surveys, single frequency receivers for control surveys, handheld GPS units for location based data collection and advanced Electronic Total Station instruments.

The survey services include:
 Topographic surveys / Hydrographic surveys / Terrain Analysis
 Layout and topographic surveys
 Demarcation and DGPS surveys of forest boundary using differential GPS infrastructure projects
 Demarcation and survey of mine lease boundary.
 Design and Fixation of Ground Control Point
 Precision boundary surveys including boundary demarcation through staking out operations
 Alignment surveys for linear projects (power line, pipeline, road, railways, canals, etc)
 Layout surveys
 Topographical surveys including contouring
 Alignment survey of canals, roads, pipelines, power lines, etc
 Location based attribute data collection on site specific projects
 Cadastral surveys

Survey and Data Collection